Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo SYNTH EDITOR v1.12.9

CTRLR Panel VA-SYNTH for Windows, MacOSX, Linux


V-Combo SYNTH EDITOR is an editor for Roland V-Combo VR09 and VR730, optimised for using the virtual-analog synthesis of the VR
V-Combo SYNTH EDITOR is available as ‘panel-plugin’ for the CTRLR platform or as a standalone application for MS Windows

NOTE: the actual V-Combo SYNTH EDITOR is outdated – an update is in work and expected march 2022

See also Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo EDITOR

01/2019: HOTFIX v. 1.12(9) : fixed: DEL-BUTTON of SYNTHESIZER-registration destroys the registration FILE

Features of “V-Combo SYNTH”

  • Working area optimzed for big monitors for simultaneous control of all three partials
  • Reduced number of voices (only two of upper manual) for easier handling
  • Sound-patch selector reduced to synthesizable sounds
  • Integrated simple arpeggio-sequencer ‘ARP SEQ’ (MS-Windows only) to help sound editing
  • Quick lauchner for CopperLan (needed for the sequencer)
  • Patch registration shared with V-Combo EDITOR
  • Documentation from Raymond (related to older EDITOR version, but still helpfull)  : V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL 


The SYNTH EDITOR requires the CTRLR platform to operate. There are three ways of running EDITOR-CTRLR:

  1. Standalone SYNTH editor for MS Windows
    Windows users can run the standalone. It’s an integrated packages of CTRLR platform plus EDITOR. The standalone has some inconveniences for ‘configruration’ so it’s recommended that Windows users also use the 2nd method.
    The Windows standalone (*.exe-file) can be downloaded here
  2. SYNTH EDITOR panel plugin + CTRLR-install (recommended for Windows, mandatory for OSX and Linux)
    First install the CTRLR platform which is available here
    Then download the panel-plugin (*.bpanelz file) from here
    Start CTRLR and use menu ‘File -> open’ to load the panel-plugin-file
  3. VST
    SYNTH EDITOR can run as a VST2 plugin for your DAW. You must generate the VST out of CTRLR by our own. Instructions are given in the inline-help of the panel
!! WARNING !! BEFORE LOADING A NEW PANEL INTO CTRLR, CLOSE THE OLD ONE(S).   Otherwise you a) risk to block the midi ports (MS Windows) and b) suffer from a bulk popup of +100 ‘info’ and file browser windows: if this happens, wait until it stops, close all popups, then close all panel instances in CTRLR (it’s a CTRLR bug with yet no solution)

For further details, see Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo EDITOR

SYNTH EDITOR version history
v1.12.8 01/2019: hotfix
v1.12.8 08/2018: inital version




SYNTH panel with all 3 ‘partials’ (oscillators) in a ‘big panel’: