There are Software Editors availble for iOS (iPad), Windows and OSX (Mac) (and Linux):
– The official Roland IOS App for VR09, VR09B and VR730
– CTRLR EDITOR for VR09, VR09B and VR730 running on Windows and OSX
– CTRLR EDITOR for VR700 running on Windows and OSX

General Q&A for VR/V-Combo EDITORs for VR09/730 and VR700

Q: Do VR EDITORs provide proper sounds?
A: No, EDITORs have no proper sounds – they are purely “enhanced controllers” for VR09/730 or VR700.

Q: Can I use the EDITORS as a VST-instrument in my DAW?
A: Roland IOS Editor cannot run as a VST, CTRLR EDITORS can be used as VST-plugins and work for a number of DAWS (on Windows, CTRLR-VSTs must first be ‘exported’ : this is explained in the ‘onboard’ Info/help menus of the editors)

Q: What is the difference between Roland IOS App and CTRLR V-Combo EDITORs?
A: The Roland app is ‘limited’ to controls of VR organ and Virtual-Analog synth. CTRLR EDITOR have a ton of more features, see comparison table in VR Editors

Q: Do CTRLR V-Combo EDITORs run on iPad or Android?
A: No, they exclusively run on Windows (XP to W10/W11), OSX (Mac) and Linux.

Q: Can we have an iPad (IOS) versions of CTRLR EDITORs – I will even pay for it?
A: Njet. Even if you pay – it is TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to program CTRLR EDITORs for iPads

Q: Does VR700 EDITOR work for VR09/VR730 and vice versa?
A: No. VR700 and VR09/730 are completely different keyboards and each editor only works with one of them.

Q: Why is EDITOR for VR700 hosted on the V-Combo Website of VR09/VR730?
A: Tell us a better place 🙂

Q: When downloading CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR from Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo EDITOR or Roland VR700 V-Combo EDITOR my Windows claims that the download is insecure.
A: Indeed some few hysterical Anti-Virus Softwares throw a ‘false alert’. You can trustfully download the software.

Special Q&A for Roland VR09 EDITOR App for IOS

For Question about the Roland App please consult Roland or VR09/730 Facebook group

Special Q&A for CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR for VR09/VR730

Q: What is the added value of CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR compared to Roland iPad Editor?
A: CTRLR V-Combo Editor provides all features of iPad-Editor PLUS an enormous number of (unplugged) ‘hidden VR features’ (VR multi-zones, multi-layers, additional sounds, etc etc etc). See VR Editors for all details and differences.

Q: Can CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR also be used for VR730?
A: Sure, VR09, VR09B and VR730 are +/- identical keybords and CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR works with any of them.

Q: Must VR be connected (even on stage) to CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR to use the ‘hidden VR features’?
A: No: 95% of ‘hidden features’ – multi-layers, multi-zones, additional sounds, additional options (reverbe types, D-Beam options, VA-Synth options etc) – SAVE TO VR REGISTRATIONS: which means that you can save ‘extended’ VR registrations at home, unplug VR from laptop, take it to rehearsal or gig, and recall the registration.
Thus said, there is a number of ‘special EDITOR features ‘ like the V-Piano enhancer, MidiMapper, GM2-engine sounds etc. that require an active connection to VR to work.

Special Q&A for CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR for VR700

Q:What is the added value of CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR for VR700?
A: The EDITOR provices a real ‘User Interface’ – instead of of VR700 ‘number guessing’ – e.g. for finding sounds ‘by name’, accessing VR700 options without horrible menu-diving etc. As a plus, VR700 EDITOR enables VRs hidden ‘freely assignable’ Cosm MFX for all sounds with full parametrisation of each MFX.

Q: Must VR700 be connected (even on stage) to CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR to use the ‘hidden VR features’?
A: Yes&No: ‘free MFX’ SAVE TO VR700 FAVORITES, which means that you can setup a VR FAVORITE with customised MFX (and/or enhanced layer) at home, unplug VR from laptop, take it to rehearsal or gig, and simply recall the FAVORITE(s).
Thus said, using the ‘GUI’ (e.g. to select sounds) instead of the spartanic VR700 ‘menu’ OR/AND the ‘exotic EDITOR functions’ like ‘LIVE SYNTH MODE’, ‘Hammond-style organ register keys’ etc, requires an active connection to VR700 to work.

A: EDITOR Favorites are like VR700 Favorites but recalled via EDITOR (to load into VR): you can save ca. 1000 EDITOR Favorites which en plus include all ‘special EDITOR features’ that don’t save to VR onboad Favorites (like ADR envelope, filter etc)

A: V-SYNTH is a panel for customising Cosm-MFX to sounds and ‘creating’ (new) VR700 synth sounds: it allows e.g. to layer two identical sounds like classic synthesis oscillators, detune them to each other, modify them with Cosm-MFX, etc. With exception of envelope and filter, all V-SYNTH settings save to VR700 Favorites