Software EDITORS for the VR09/09B/730

see this website, top menu ‘VR Editors’)

Digital songbooks (setlists) for MS-Windows

Songbooks   MobileSheets Camelot Song Repertoire Songbook Linkesoft



OS Win + + + + +
  OSX + + +
  IOS + + + +
  AND + + +
Trial version   + + + +
  13 150 15/yr 15 15/yr
Program change   Yes Yes See (1) No See * No
Set lists   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Formats   pdf jpg txt chordpro pdf jpg txt chordpro pdf jpg txt pdf txt chordpro pdf txt
Comments   very good, has ‘band sync’, quite cheap mighty ‘setlist-DAW’, expensive (Win/OSX) very nice design, midi is in develpmnt (see [1]) oldfashioned Win version, midi only for ios+android extreme under performer unuseable!

Note: MobileSheets and Camelot can be controlled by VR registration program changes (e.g. song switching)
Note: SongRepertoire: midi-send (CC, bank select/program change) was recently added (9/2020), midi receive is ‘in work’


The virtual midi port software for Windows. As the ‘’ website is offline, you can download CL here

TechnoToys Omega

“oldschool” midi software package with arp, sequencer, drumbox (e.g. for Ctrlr Editor external program launcher). Download