Roland VR700 V-Combo EDITOR

CTRLR Panel EDITOR for Windows, MacOSX, Linux


NEW: 03/2024: VR700 EDITOR v1.01.5 MAJOR BUGFIX release

1.01.5 fixes the major bug ‘sound-mute when VR sounds are loaded via editor (dropdowns)’

Direct download for experienced EDITOR users (newbies see “Installation of…”) : panel-plugin/exe – Win/OSX/Linux

V-Combo700 EDITOR is an editor for Roland V-Combo organ VR700 (not! VR09/VR730) based on the software platform CTRLR
It does not provide proper sounds but acts as an elaborated controller for VR700 (overcoming VR700 menu diving and giving access to many ‘hidden’ features of VR700)
V-Combo700 EDITOR is available as ‘panel-plugin’ for CTRLR platform (running on Windows, Mac or Linux) or as a standalone application for MS Windows

Features of “V-Combo700 EDITOR”

  • Direct access to VR700 sounds and parameters instead of painful menu diving in the WDOAT (worst display of all times)
  • EDITOR FAVORITES (expading VR onboard favorites) : ca 1000 favorites with custom naming and saving of ‘enhanced’ parameters (envelope, filter, rhythm control, vibrato, etc)
  • EDITOR patch register: fast ‘workflow’ register to ‘backup’ ensemble sounds (e.g. your modified pianos, strings etc)
  • ‘hacked’ (Cosm-) MFX (Multi-Effects) free assignable and customisable for Ensemble sounds
  • ‘V-SYNTH’ for creating fat synth layer sounds (e.g. like subtractive synthesis)
  • Hammond style organ with two drawbar sets A/B and (customisable) presets
  • Organ preset switching in Hammond-style (‘black keys’) using VRs lowest octave keys
  • Additional effects for ensemble sounds (filter, ADR envelope, vibrato, pan, special FX …)
  • Extended rhythm control (drum kit select, drum sound controls)
  • Coupling of VR-Favorite buttons and EDITOR-registrations:
    • VR-Favorites can be switched by the EDITOR user interface
    • EDITOR Favorites can be switched with VR700 Favorite buttons and/or footswitch
    • EDITOR Favorites and VR-Favorites can be switched with an external programs/controllers
  • Synthesizer ‘live’ mode : VR700 GAIN+REVERB pot and drawbars act as envelope/filter faders/knobs
  • Enhanced EQUALIZER
  • UPG file editor for reordering the favorites in Favorite backup (“UPG”) files
  • external program launcher including builtin sequencer (Win only)
  • Compatible to VR700 keyboard firmware v.1.01

Installation of CTRLR EDITOR

For Info: the project website ‘’ ist currently in a reconstruction/migration phase and not maintained. Therefore all software packages are now available at v-combo website
Recommended CTRLR versions are: Windows: 5.4.29 ; OSX: 5.3.198; Linux: 5.4.16. Do not use newer versions as they are instable

The EDITOR requires the CTRLR platform to operate. There are several ways of running EDITOR-CTRLR:

  1. MS-Windows: Standalone EDITOR
    Windows users can run the standalone. It’s an integrated package of CTRLR platform plus EDITOR in one executable. Note: “standalone” does not initialise correctly at startup which can cause failures – it is highly recommended that Windows users also use method ‘2’ (panel-plugin).
    Download and run the Windows standalone (*.exe-file)
  2. MS-Windows: CTRLR-platform + EDITOR panel plugin + (recommended for Windows, mandatory for OSX and Linux)
    The permanent ‘install’ of the CTRLR platform is recommended over the Windows-standalone
    1. download and install CTRLR .exe-installer available at MS-Win subfolder
    2. download the panel-plugin-file (*.bpanelz)
    3. start CTRLR, push ‘ctrl menu show’ button in the left vertical menu, select ctrlr-menu ‘File > open’ and load the panel-plugin-file
  3. OSX / MacOS: : CTRLR-platform + EDITOR panel plugin
    Installation for OSX/MacOS:
    1. download and install CTRLR .dmg-installer available at OSX/Mac subfolder
    2. download the panel-plugin-file (*.bpanelz)
    3. start CTRLR, push ‘ctrl menu show’ button in the left vertical menu, select ctrlr-menu ‘File > open’ and load the panel-plugin-file
  4. Linux: : CTRLR-platform + EDITOR panel plugin
    CTRLR Editor on linux IS NOT TESTED:
    1. download and install CTRLR .dmg-installer available at linux subfolder
    2. download the panel-plugin-file (*.bpanelz)
    3. start CTRLR, push ‘ctrl menu show’ button in the left vertical menu, select ctrlr-menu ‘File > open’ and load the panel-plugin-file
  5. VST
    EDITOR can run as a VST2 plugin for your DAW. You must generate the VST out of CTRLR on our own. Instructions are given in the inline-help of the panel
!! WARNING UPON UPDATING THE PANEL!! BEFORE LOADING A NEW PANEL INTO CTRLR, CLOSE THE OLD PANEL.  Otherwise you a) risk to block the midi ports (MS Windows) and b) suffer from a bulk popup of +100 ‘info’ and file browser windows: if this happens, wait until it stops, close all popups, then close all panel instances in CTRLR (it’s a CTRLR bug with yet no solution)


When using the EDITOR (or any new release) for the first time, check the README button in its left menu and follow the instructions.
All you need to know (‘first usage’, connecting editor to PC, editor features & handling, ‘tricks’, specs etc etc etc) is explained in the Info and QuickHelp Menus integrated in the editor

Bugreports and ideas/wishes/change requests etc are highly appreciated. Please use the youtube vids for communication. Eventually use the VR09/730 facebook group or EDITOR youtube channel for requests.

VR700 sound packs (‘syx’ files)

‘Example’ sounds in ‘syx-file’ format for loading into VR700 using ‘syx-import’ of EDITOR V-STAGE FAVORITES or V-SOUND Patch-Register:
1. download ‘” from VR700 download
2. unzip, read ‘README.txt’
3. load into VR700 via EDITOR, eventually save as VR onboard FAVORITE or EDITOR FAVORITE

EDITOR version history

v1.01.5  02/2024:  major bugfix release: fixes 'sound-mute' on patch load, fixes 'html-doc' reload
v1.01.4  08/2023:  stablised release, redesigned UI, EDITOR FAVORITES, V-SYNTH including 'hidden MFX' etc etc
v1.01.3  --/202x:  development version
v1.01.2  03/2019:  bugfix version (fixed 'v-link')
v1.01.1  01/2019:  initial version: UI for VR700, Hammond style UI, 'free MFX', editor registrations/patch regiister
v1.01beta 01/2018: initial beta version



V-STAGE main and live control for VR700:

VR 700 sounds:

V-ORGAN control of drawbarset ‘A’ and VR700 organ/amp parameters:

V-ORGAN control of 2 drawbarsets A/B and organ ‘presets’:

V-SYNTH with ‘free’ (hacked) MFX, controls for ‘detune’, reverb, porta, etc for Ensemble sounds:

V-SYNTH MFX ‘inbuild parameter description’

CONFIG control of VR700 system parameters:

UPG-Editor reordering of VR700 Favorites: