Open VR09

You need:

  • a screwdriver THAT FITS THE SCREWS

Open the VR housing:

  • put the VR top down
  • undo all screws on the bottom side:
    VR09: there are 2 types of screws: big ones and small ones. The big ones (marked with red circles) assemble the housing, the small ones in the middle (marked with yellow circles) hold the keybed – when unscrewing support the keybed from the key side
  • carefully lift the bottom case a little bit: it has a connection cable from the battery department to the electronic boards: very carefully pull the plug off the board (see picture below ‘unmount the keybed’
  • put the back cover aside

Close the VR housing:

  • profit from having the VR open for a clean job (blow off dust, clean traces of coffee, beer, sandwiches …
  • place the back cover nearby the VR and attach the battery cable plug
  • put the back cover onto the VR, verify that it ‘fits’ into the top housing
  • remount the screws. Do this with care:
    If you feel the slightest resistance, the screw is not turning in its original thread: if you continue it will cut a new thread into the plastic housing – do this two more times and the thread will be destroyed. So: HAAALT ! Turn the screw back until you feel a soft smack (this is when the screw ‘found’ its thread), then retry.

    Apropos: you might think you look and feel like Mr. Schwarzenegger – but there is NO NEED to overtighten the screws! They just have to hold the two parts of the housing and the keybed together – and they won’t get loose – if you feel that a screw is at its stop – then stop. Hold the screwdriver with your fingertips 🙂

  • finished !

Get the keybed out:

  • open the VR as described above
  • undo the 2 screws that hold the keybed
  • carefully unplug the 2 connectors of the flat cable on the keybed
  • lift the keybed out of the housing

Put the keybed back:

  • place the keybed in the housing
  • remount the 2 screws that hold the keybed: WARNING: the 2 screws are different: the cylindrical screw goes into the steel frame support (right side on the picture above), the ‘wood screw’ goes into the plastic socket (left side on the picture above)
  • carefully push the 2 connectors of the flat cable into their sockets
  • close the VR as described above