Joystick Leslie Fix

The issue: when using the Roland joystick (pitch lever) to switch Leslie speed it can happen that when actioning it very quick, it snaps back, kicks to the opposed direction and switches the Leslie back.
Example: to switch from slow to fast you give the joystick a kick – the stick snaps back to rest position and swings a short way to the opposed side, switching the Leslie back from fast to slow

The fix: the trick is to slighly widen the return spring of the joystick, reducing spring force: the ‘snap back’ will be less brutal, the joystick will swing less to the oposed side and won’t trigger the Leslie any more:

  1. Open the VR, take off the rear housing, turn the VR top down
  2. bend the joystick left / right to identify the spring
  3. push the joystick to one side: you’ll see that one end of the spring lifts of: take a small screw driver and bend the spring end down as far as possible to ‘widen it’. Repeat it 4-5 times
  4. push the joystick to the other side and do the same to the other spring end
  5. play with the joystick: it should feel less resistant
  6. turn the VR top up, connect the power, switch to organ and test the ‘Leslie joystick snap’: the ‘swing back’ problem should be solved
  7. close the VR