VR Registrations

One of the great things about the VRs is that it’s really easy to create registrations for particular songs or genres that can be saved to a USB flash drive & then transferred for others to use. In this section we’re aiming to capture registration files from fellow VR enthusiasts which you can download. Please remember that these will have been designed to suit the creator’s personal needs and tastes; it’s best to use them as starting points for your own development. They are NOT intended as commercial offerings but many are really good! 

Please also be aware that many of these registrations will have been created using CTRLR Editor; as such they may have multiple zones across the keyboard and may include some of the hidden sounds not accessible from the VR front panel. They will transfer and should play OK on your keyboard but be aware that registrations for the VR730 may struggle on the 61 keys of the VR09 and you will NOT be able to modify them safely from the VR but will need to use the Editor. That’s a great reason to get into using the Editor!!


User registration files are located HERE

To use them simply download to a USB memory stick and use the VR’s Media Utility to load them into your keyboard. The registrations are the .upg files, some of the creators have included text files to explain their work.