Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo EDITOR v1.12.16

CTRLR Panel EDITOR for Windows, MacOSX, Linux


NEW: 01/2023: Important bugfix Update v1.12.16 adds ‘virtual midi keyboard’ and fixes bugs in SLT load, UPG-Editor, DIALs, Windows-standalone
Download-link for experienced EDITOR users (newbies see “Installation of…”) : panel-plugin/exe for Win/OSX/Linux

V-Combo EDITOR is an editor for Roland V-Combo VR09, VR09B and VR730. It’s based on the software platform CTRLR.
It does not provide proper sounds but acts as elaborated controller for VR and unlocks tons of ‘hidden VR features’.
V-Combo EDITOR is available as ‘panel-plugin’ for CTRLR platform or, in the case of MS Windows, as standalone application.

See also panel V-Combo SYNTH optimised for using virtual-analog synthesis of the VR

Features of “V-Combo EDITOR”

  • Access to hundreds of ‘hidden’ sounds of the VR09/730:
    • Roland ATELIER concert organ sounds (ca. 500)
    • ‘hidden’ keyboard sounds (> 300 accoustic instruments and synth sounds)
    • more than 1000 GM2 sounds of the VR ‘GM2 sound engine’
  • Increased timbrality from 2 voices (VR without EDITOR) to 9 and 26 (!) with GM2
  • Multi-Zone setup (up to 4 splitted or layered zones) for the VR keyboard
  • Editor/organizer  for VR registration sets using VR *.upg-files from usb-stick
  • Software VA synthesizer ‘V-SYNTH’ (like Roland Jupiter-80, SH-01 GAIA, VR-iPad app)
  • MIDI Mapper for various live controls (V-SYNTH patch load, VR-sysex to CC mapping, etc)
  • Builtin rhythm sound control
  • Additional ‘undocumented’ sound controls for VA synthesizer, keyboard sounds and GM2-sounds
  • EDITOR patch register for sounds edited with V-SYNTH and/or EFX
  • Hammond style organ with 2 drawbar sets and (customisable) presets
  • Direct ‘upload’ of GM2-sounds into the ‘keyboard layer’ for playing on the VR keys (NEW in v.1.12.13)
  • Direct access of parameters instead of menu-diving on the VR keyboard
  • Integrated In-line tutorials. Video tutorial on youtubes
  • Compatible to Roland keyboard firmware v.1.12 (VR09, VR09B, VR730)
  • Documentation from Raymond (related to older EDITOR version, but still helpfull)  : V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL 

Supported Operating Systems

CTRLR V-Combo EDITOR runs on:
– Microsoft Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, 10, 11
– OSX (Apple MacOS): any OSX Version
– Linux: should run on any Linux distribution (not tested though)

Installation of CTRLR EDITOR

Important Infos:
– the project website ‘’ has been’freezed’ by its owner. V-Combo Editor panels on ‘’ are OUTDATED
– recent Editor panels (and CTRLR software installers) are available from this v-combo website
– strongly recommended CTRLR versions are: Windows: 5.4.29 ; OSX: 5.3.198; Linux: 5.4.16
      ! Do NOT use newer versions of CTRLR as they are faulty and instable !
Help for setting up ctrlr can be found in Raymonds V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL. It covers older editor panels but is still valid for many things. Setup is also explained in README

EDITOR is based on CTRLR platform software. There are several ways to run EDITOR-CTRLR:

  1. MS-Windows: Standalone EDITOR
    Windows users can run the standalone. It’s an integrated package of CTRLR platform plus EDITOR in one executable. Note: “standalone” is fully functional but occasionally can fail at initialising at startup (which then requires restart) – it is recommended that Windows users also use method ‘2’ (panel-plugin).
    Download and run the Windows standalone (*.exe-file)
  2. MS-Windows: CTRLR-platform + EDITOR panel plugin (recommended for MS Windows)
    1. download and install CTRLR .exe-installer available at MS-Win subfolder
    2. download the EDITOR panel-plugin-file (*.bpanelz)
    3. start CTRLR, push ‘ctrl menu show’ button in the left vertical menu, select ctrlr-menu ‘File > close’ to unload the old panel-plugin (important!), select ctrlr-menu ‘File > open’ and load the new panel-plugin-file
  3. OSX / MacOS: : CTRLR-platform + EDITOR panel plugin
    Installation for OSX/MacOS:
    1. download and install CTRLR .dmg-installer available at OSX/Mac subfolder
    2. download the EDITOR panel-plugin-file (*.bpanelz)
    3. start CTRLR, push ‘ctrl menu show’ button in the left vertical menu, select ctrlr-menu ‘File > close’ to unload the old panel-plugin (important!), select ctrlr-menu ‘File > open’ and load the new panel-plugin-file
  4. Linux: : CTRLR-platform + EDITOR panel plugin
    CTRLR Editor on linux IS NOT TESTED:
    1. download and install CTRLR .dmg-installer available at linux subfolder
    2. download the EDITOR panel-plugin-file (*.bpanelz)
    3. start CTRLR, push ‘ctrl menu show’ button in the left vertical menu, select ctrlr-menu ‘File > close’ to unload the old panel-plugin (important!), select ctrlr-menu ‘File > open’ and load the new panel-plugin-file
  5. VST
    EDITOR can run as a VST2 plugin for your DAW. You must generate the VST out of CTRLR on our own. Instructions are given in the inline-help of the panel
!! WARNING when UPDATING the panel!! BEFORE LOADING A NEW PANEL INTO CTRLR, CLOSE THE OLD PANEL.   Otherwise you a) risk to block the midi ports (MS Windows) and b) suffer from a bulk popup of hundreds of ‘info’ and file-browser windows: if this happens, wait until it comes to a halt, then close all popups, then close all panel instances within CTRLR


When using the EDITOR (or any new release) for the first time, check the README button in its left menu and follow the instructions.
All you need to know (‘first usage’, connecting editor to PC, editor features & handling, ‘tricks’, specs etc etc etc) is explained in the Info and QuickHelp Menus integrated in the editor

Bugreports and ideas/wishes/change requests etc are highly appreciated. Please use the youtube vids for communication. Eventually use the VR09/730 facebook group or EDITOR youtube channel for requests.

Links and More downloads

Video tutorials on youtube:  [EDITOR  setup, usage]   [EDITOR  GeneralMidi setup]   [EDITOR  v1.12(8) update]
Documentation (from Raymond)  :   [V-COMBO EDITOR MANUAL]
Instrument definition files for CUBASE
Instrument definition .ins-file for V-ARRANGER
‘oldschool’ software package [TechnoToys Omega] with arp, sequencer, drumbox (for Editor external program launcher)

EDITOR version history

v1.12.16 01/2023: 'virtual midi keyboard', bugfixes: SLT load, UPG-Editor, 'DIAL', Windows-standalone
v1.12.15 09/2022: ATELIER sound set for GM2 engine, improved UPG-Editor, bugfixes
v1.12.14 06/2022: reorganized SOUND-tabs, 'DIAL' for sound select, new features, optimisations, bugfixes
v1.12.13 01/2022: Juno-Gi layer integration, improvments to V-Piano, JidiMapper, GM2 sound handling, many features, bugfixes
v1.12.12 01/2021: More builtin-Help, V-Piano, V-Organ, ATELIER, upg-Editor, bugfixes
v1.12.11 04/2020: STAGE view, multi-zones, 2 bass voices, MIDIMapper, V-Piano, QuickHelp
v1.12.10 12/2019: Version info, EXPERT/NOVICE mode, PCM-waveforms, V-Piano, sounds load with MFX
v1.12.9 01/2019: HOTFIX (DEL synthesizer-registration)
v1.12.8 08/2018: Timbrality, 'hidden' sounds and controls, rhythm control, program launcher +performance&bugfixes
v1.12.7 05/2018: EDITOR registration, SYNTHESIZER upgrade, V-ORGAN "Hammond style",  +performance&bugfixes
v1.12.6 04/2018: new Look, enhanced upg/registration editor, added controls, improved performance, bugfixes
v1.12.5 02/2018: HOTFIX for wrong registration order in upg-editor. UM1/UM2 VCE/SYN now fully parallel
v1.12.4 02/2018: added: upg/registration editor, drumsets, improved workspace, bugfixes
v1.12.3 01/2018: added: patch registers, selector for VR-Key sounds, controls. Improved workspace.
v1.12.2 12/2017: modified panel surface, del. KBD/GM2-Tabulator, moved GM2 to main-tabulator
v1.12.1 12/2017: initial beta version




STAGE (main live control) panel (at top you see the 9 voices/4 zones of VR + organ/drum):

VR ‘factory sounds’ and extended eXtra sounds

VR ATELIER sounds:

VR GM2 sounds:

V-ORGAN with double drawbars and all ‘VR-Organ+Amp’ controls:

V-SYNTH for conducting the VR Virtual-Analog synthesizer:

UPG Editor for reordering/organising registrations:

Configuration for VR and EDITOR: